Washington State Collegiate Recovery Support Initiative

The purpose of the State of Washington Collegiate Recovery Support Initiative (SWCRSI) is to develop and sustain collegiate recovery support services statewide by offering a grant opportunity to colleges and universities that are innovative, poised for this initiative, and want to make a meaningful contribution to their students.

Overall, the goal of collegiate recovery support is to offer the chance for recovering students and those seeking recovery from substance use, to experience the opportunities that higher education offers both in the college environment and after by providing support, preventing a return to substance use, and promoting successful academic performance.

This grant opportunity includes several key components which will lead to gains in building a continuum of support for higher education students in Washington:

  • Direct funding for development and sustainment of a collegiate recovery program.
  • Best practices training on the intersection of collegiate recovery and harm reduction.
  • Technical assistance for developing collegiate recovery programs.
  • Support in developing campus/community recovery capital networks.
  • Resource sharing with stakeholder network throughout the state of Washington.


If you need help accessing the PDF reports linked above, please contact Patricia Maarhuis at maarhuis@wsu.edu.

Seed Grantees

Since initiation, the program has supported expansion of collegiate recovery at 6 locations:

Seed Grantee Handout

College Recovery Support Network Fact Sheet

Seed Grantee Cohort 1: 2020-23

Seed Grantee Cohort 2: 2021-23

Seed Grantee Cohort 3: 2022-24

Collegiate Recovery Virtual Learning Community

The Collegiate Recovery Virtual Learning Community is a six-part webinar series from December 2020 through April 2021, covering topics on how to construct a sustainable Collegiate Recovery Program/Community.

WSU Collegiate Recovery Administration

Patricia Maarhuis, PhD


We gratefully acknowledge the work of the people and agencies, who have made the State of Washington Collegiate Recovery Support Initiative possible.

  • WA Representative Lauren Davis (32nd district), Joe Schmick (9th district), and colleagues for their work on the collegiate recovery initiative and funding source, House Bill 1528
  • WA Health Care Authority (HCA) Elizabeth Venuto, MSW, Emerging Adult Integrated Services Supervisor and Rachel Baxter, MS, Behavioral Health TAY Stable Housing Policy Lead