Office of the Dean of Students

What Does the Office of the Dean of Students Do?

We're here to help students flourish at Washington State University.

When your life as a Coug gets complicated, we can work with you to figure it out.

Maybe it’s a bureaucratic tangle? A financial catastrophe? A sudden illness or family situation? Maybe you’re just in a complicated mess and you’re not sure where to start to get back on track?

That’s us!

We’re also here to help faculty help students.

If one of your students is in distress, or is causing distress to others, we may be able to help.

Our Vision

The WSU Office of the Dean of Students promotes students' self-determination: their ability to make meaningful, satisfying, and authentic choices for their own success by helping them create a transformative experience and achieve their goals.

Our Mission

The WSU Office of the Dean of Students connects students with the services, opportunities, and resources to foster their success at WSU and after graduation. By working with university and community partners, we advise students about services, resources, and options that support their success and provide guidance and assistance during times of challenge, crisis, complexity or emergency.

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