The TOGETHER Workshop is a small group or individual educational session conducted via Zoom, and focuses on reducing harms for student participants and for others in the WSU/Pullman community during the COVID-19 pandemic. This interactive, non-judgmental prevention “best practices” approach focuses on problem-solving, as well as examining students’ motivations and intentions for self-care and the care of others. In other words, “We’re all in this together!”

While referring to your letter from the Center for Community Standards, review the appropriate section below for steps needed to fulfill the sanction assigned to you.

Exceptions/substitutions cannot be made. To successfully fulfill a sanction, the steps below need to be completed within one month. To help you fulfill your sanction, we will report your attendance and completion of the below requirements to Center for Community Standards.

Steps to Complete

  1. Register for a TOGETHER workshop session.
  2. Complete the TOGETHER workshop session.
  3. If needed, check with Center for Community Standards for any additional steps needed to fulfill your sanction.

Frequently Asked Questions