Dean of Students

Dear Students:

Our university belongs to all of us, and we are all valued members of the Cougar Nation. As we continue to move through challenging and uncertain times, it's important for students to know what resources are available for them here on our campus.

No student should experience discrimination or harassment at WSU. If you’ve experienced or witnessed discriminatory behavior or harassment, please contact the Office for Equal Opportunity, French Ad 225, 509-335-8288, for assistance. If you ever feel that your safety is threatened, you should call 911 immediately.

Stress can impact physical and mental health.  Health and Wellness Services and Counseling and Psychological Services are available to assist you with advice and workshops about stress reduction and self-care, as well as health care. 

After hours, if you are experiencing distress, you can call the Counseling and Psychological Services crisis line, at 509-335-2159. You can also call the JED Foundation hotline at 1-800-273-8255, or text “start” to 741-741.

Please know that the Division of Student Affairs’ faculty and staff are here for you. We are available to provide support, information, and referrals, and to address concerns.

·       Office of the Dean of Students, French Ad 134, 335-5757

·       Residence Life, Streit-Perham, 335-1227

·       Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life, CUB 315, 335-5433

·       Student Involvement, CUB 320, 335-9667

·       Multicultural Student Services, CUB 409, 335-7852

·       Access Center, 2nd Floor Washington Bldg, 335-3417

·       Center for Civic Engagement, CUB L48, 335-7708

·       GIESORC, CUB 401, 335-8841

·       Women's Resource Center, Ground Floor, Wilson-Short Hall, 335-6849

It's important, too, that we extend care and kindness to each other. Each of us has the opportunity to make a difference for someone else in our community, to stand with someone else who needs support. "Cougs help Cougs" is more than a slogan—it’s an expression of who we are.


Melynda Huskey, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

And the staff of Student Affairs

What Does the Dean of Students Do?

We're here to help students flourish at Washington State University.

When your life as a Coug gets complicated, we can work with you to figure it out.

Maybe it’s a bureaucratic tangle? A financial catastrophe? A sudden illness or family situation? Maybe you’re just in a complicated mess and you’re not sure where to start to get back on track?

That’s us!

We’re also here to help faculty help students.

If one of your students is in distress, or is causing distress to others, we may be able to help.

Our Vision:

The WSU Office of the Dean of Students promotes students' self-determination: their ability to make meaningful, satisfying, and authentic choices for their own success by helping them create a transformative experience and achieve their goals.

Our Mission:

The WSU Office of the Dean of Students connects students with the services, opportunities, and resources to foster their success at WSU and after graduation. By working with university and community partners, we advise students about services, resources, and options that support their success and provide guidance and assistance during times of challenge, crisis, complexity or emergency.

Come by and see us!